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Tattooed Now! Temporary Tattoo - Prison Rose Tattoo

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Tattooed Now! Temporary Tattoo - Prison Rose Tattoo Simple and rough design of... more

Tattooed Now! Temporary Tattoo - Prison Rose Tattoo

Simple and rough design of a chained rose that was tattooed by Russian prisoners. Inspired by world famous Russian prison tattoos.

Prison Rose Tattoo Design, approx. Size: 15 x 6 cm

• Realistic temporary transfer tattoo!
• Easy to use!
• Special, not sharp-edged finish for a better and more realistic look!
• Looks like a real tattoo when applied!
• Used by professional make-up artists in the fields of film, fashion, music, theater and television!
• Great for fun, events, parties, celebrations, cospla y etc.!

Reinvent yourself for a day with the Tattooed Now! Tattoos!


Tattooed Now! Tattoos usually last between 2-5 days, and under perfect conditions, they can even last up to 2 weeks. The longevity of the tattoo depends on many factors, such as the position of the tattoo on the body (where the skin moves and breaks, temporary tattoos tend to wear off more quickly), temperature, sweating, ph value Skin and many other factors play a
By avoiding friction, you can let the tattoos last a few days longer.


Tattooed Now! temporary tattoo transfers are 100% safe to use. DO NOT apply on sensitive skin or near eyes and mouth. If you show any kind of reaction, such as tingling or redness, please remove the temporary tattoo immediately.


Tattooed Now! Tattoos tend to be good in many situations, but depending on the type of exercises performed, you can influence the longevity of the tattoo, especially if the tattoo is on the part of the body where the skin is moving. Excessive sweating and high body temperature can also affect the temporary tattoo, causing it to wear off more quickly.

Tattooed Now! Tattoos are water resistant, so you can shower regularly, and as long as you do not rub them, they should be fine.

Scope of supply: 1 tattoo set in blister packaging
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