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HairFor2 Hair Fibers - Streuhaar 25g

€27.90 *
Content: 25 Gramm (€111.60 * / 100 Gramm)

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Hairfor2 - Streuhaar 25g:

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HairFor2 Hair Fibers - Stray Hair 25g Precise hair thickening with microfiber hair... more

HairFor2 Hair Fibers - Stray Hair 25g

Precise hair thickening with microfiber hair


Wash your hair with shampoo as usual, rinse well and let it dry completely.


With the help of microscopic hair fibers (too) thin hair disappears in less than 30 seconds.

Finally, there is a safe and natural way to make (thin) hair disappear. These are small microfibers that wrap around your own hair in ways that you can not see. The Hairfor2 fibers were made from keratins. They therefore consist of the same material as your own hair. You will see immediately that your hair is getting fuller and looking completely natural - much better than you ever imagined.

The new professional generation of Hairfor2 natural hair compressor fibers are electrostatically charged in a highly complicated process (magnetised) These special fibers build your hair with natural keratin. Connected with your residual hair, your hair will reach an enormous density in seconds.

The styling with Hairfor2 hair fibers is very easy. Simply hold the can over the light hairs and then gently pour and sprinkle the fibers over the desired spot. Lightly pat in the sprinkled areas with your hand. Within a few seconds, thousands of tiny hair fibers in your hair color combine with your own hair. Fix with hair spray - done. No expensive extra fixer needed as with many other products!

Content: 25g

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