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HairFor2 - Haarverdichtungs Spray 300ml

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Content: 0.3 Liter (€133.17 * / 1 Liter)

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Hairfor2 - Haarverdichtungsspray 300ml

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HairFor2 - hair compacting spray 300ml Hairfor2 is a patented, water-resistant,... more

HairFor2 - hair compacting spray 300ml

Hairfor2 is a patented, water-resistant, coloring hair replenisher for men and women with hair loss, thin hair or blemishes.


Wash your hair with shampoo as usual, rinse well and let it dry completely. With a large-toothed comb or a coarse brush, comb the hair in the clear spots upwards from the hairline to the tips.


Shake the can Hairfor2 vigorously (about 30 seconds), hold it about 20 cm away from the head and spray in short units (3-4 seconds) against the direction of hair growth on the clear areas to be treated. Avoid too close or too intensive spraying on one spot as this can lead to the formation of a damp film. When treating the front hair area (forehead hairline) should be started about 1 to 2 cm behind the existing hairline gradually to achieve a natural-looking hairline. After the first spraying, gently comb the hairstyle with a large-toothed comb. Repeat the spraying process until the desired hair thickening is reached.


If the Hairfor2 has gotten into the area of your forehead, remove it with a cotton pad soaked in soapy water or alcohol. For the fine treatment of the naturally acting hairline the use of cotton swabs has been well proven. If a wet film has formed in a location due to too close or too intensive spraying, then soak up the moisture with gentle but rapid back and forth movements with a few folded tissue wipes and then gently comb through the hair.

Follow application:

To wash out the Hairfor2 compressor spray, we recommend our Hairfor2 special shampoo. This makes the water-resistant hair-compacting substances much easier to wash out than with conventional shampoos. Repeat application of Hairfor2 hair compressor spray is then carried out as described above.

Important information:

Hairfor2 may cause allergic reactions. Do not use it if you have allergic reactions to hair sprays, you have particularly sensitive skin or wounds on the scalp. Avoid contact with the eyes.

Content: 300 ml
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