On Set - "Howard Berger" - Palette

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On Set - "Howard Berger" - Palette


The Skin Illustrator On Set Signature Series Palette is designed to give an artist convenient access at an instant, to his or her favorite colors.  This compact, pocket size palette contains twelve colors and makes touch ups fast and easy.  It is a must for any FX artist.  Academy Award winning make up artist Howard Berger chose these specific colors for his palette:

"I wanted a palette that encompassed all the colors I like to use when applying a character makeup for film or TV.  When I paint I like to start flecking my reds first, then apply a washy blue and green for shadows, a light flesh tone to break things up, and then yellows and browns for the final touches. I work quickly while in the trailer and on set, and being able to pull this one palette out is like being a makeup artist gunslinger drawing his favorite weapon during a showdown on set."  Howard Berger • 12 Farben