Double-Ended Sculpting Brush - 158

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Double-Ended Sculpting Brush - 158


double-ended sculpting brush
A double-ended brush with supple bristles. This two in one make-up diabolo has one beveled side, perfect for sculpting. One of the best sellers in the current range.
• Type of fibers: STRAIGHT & WAVY (Round) and WAVY (beveled).
• Description: Double-ended brush with a rounded side and a slanted side.
• Use: Use to sculpt and highlight. Use the slanted side to create shadow under the cheek bones, then use the dome side to highlight or color. This two in one brush is easy and quick to use.
• Pro Tip: Professional make-up artists like this two in one brush for applying several colors quickly, without wasting time.
• Recommended Textures: Loose and compact powders.
• Key Products: Sculpting Blush, Sculpting Kit.