Round Shader Brush - Medium - 240

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Round Shader Brush - Medium - 240


round shader brush - medium
A thicker, fatter, paddle brush, recommended for applying make-up to the upper eyelid.
• Type of fibers: STRAIGHT & WAVY.
• Description: Short, extra-dense, round brush.
• Use: Thanks to its size, this brush is used to apply and blend products on the entire eye area (eyelid and brow bone). Due to its density, the product collection is generous, and its fibers offer moderate to high product payoff.
• Pro Tip: When doing very colorful make-up, make-up artists use this brush to apply highly pigmented products without the risk of particles falling beneath the eyes or on the cheeks.
• Recommended Textures: Cream and powder.
• Key Products: Eye Shadow, Aqua Cream.