Definer Eyeliner Brush - 256

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Definer Eyeliner Brush - 256


Definer eyeliner brush
A stiff, very short brush. This shape is rarely seen, but is perfect for the lash line. With its comfortable application, it allows easy placing of the color with precision. Very useful for “doe-eyes”.
• Type of fibers: STRAIGHT.
• Description: Flat, extra-thin eyeliner brush.
• Use: Its tip is used to draw extremely fine lines and the flat side for wide, very sharp and graphic lines.
• Pro Tip: Make-up artists like the straight, original shape of this brush, which they can use to create different effects. Its straight tip is used to dab small lines on the eye or thicker, artistic lines on the body.
• Recommended Textures: Cream and liquid.
• Key Products: Aqua Liner, Aqua Cream.