Bent Eyeliner Brush - 260

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Bent Eyeliner Brush - 260


bent eyeliner brush
Dany Sanz takes her sources of inspiration from many different eclectic places, and is always on the lookout for practicality in the development of her tools. This brush is inspired by the brushes used to paint the hidden nooks and crannies behind radiators! It is very fine and precise, giving plenty of control with its “bent” shape to draw the corner of the doe eye. Also perfect for the lash line. THE eyeliner brush for beginners.
• Type of fibers: STRAIGHT.
• Description: Fine bent brush.
• Use: Use to create a precise and easy application due to its bent neck, which is ideal for beginners. Due to its very small head, it can get to the tiniest corners of the inner eye depositing the desired amount of product.
• Pro Tip: Its shape is also used for easy application of Aqua Black on the water line.
• Recommended Textures: Cream and liquid.
• Key Products: Aqua Liner.